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Back at it

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

I'm going to try and write a weekly blog post. There is however, some doubt in my mind that I have enough original 'non-fiction' things to say for that kind of commitment. I have done some research on the topic and the advice you get on how to manage the social media side of an author website, or even the entire online presence is wildly contradictory. The best of these urge to go about it your own way. I have come to the conclusion that it is worthwhile, for lots of reasons.

So, for a start I will be putting a quote or a paragraph of original fiction content on the blog once a week. These are from short stories, the next Conor and Gray novel in the editing stages, and maybe the third book, which is already underway. My Facebook and Instagram quote posts are from the fantasy book I have already published, Almost a Myth. (And am trying to sell!)

The blog will avoid the political and social scene. Its nasty out there and I'm not. My philosophical and political predilections will only be implied. I read widely and am interested in a lot of things that will hopefully make your life, or life in general, better. Or at the least be interesting.

For example, the Lilium jet is the most innovative, environmental and plausible run at individual transportation I have ever seen. It is autonomous, has multiple electric engines, is fast, and has a long range. It doesn't pollute and its quiet.

Its a flying 'car' that works and I cannot see why this will not be in common use within the next ten years. Fascinating.

Finally, here's a paragraph from a short story titled, 'Horses'.

The horses started and whinnied and tried to run away from the noise. It came from far away, but it was immensely loud, like a breaking wave that came over the horizon and cascaded across the sky. It didn’t make sense. Thunder, no matter how monumental only rumbled when heard at a distance. This, this was a noise that had an almost physical presence. It was frightening to think of being where it started. It was unnerving to hear it at all, especially so far from Dece, where it seemed to be coming from.

See you next week!

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