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Enough with the Sequels

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Attended the staff end of the year party last night and made the speech I avoided doing during the more formal occasions I attended previously. It went well I thought, and I didn’t tear up once. Although It is hard to say goodbye to people who aren’t there and there were so many throughout the last three decades that I owed so much too. I just asked God to bless them and keep them because that is all I could do.

The finality of the decision is becoming more real this morning as I must have put more emphasis on last night in my mind than I realized. Although I have become aware that I have been withdrawing from the job psychologically for a few years it is still coming as a shock. Like, I really have to clean out my desk. I wish I had some words of wisdom to impart here but I don’t. I am done with the work of teaching and that is as true a statement as I can write at the moment.

Two books on the go right now, Star Dust by Robert B Parker and Waterloo: Wellington, Napoleon, and the Battle that Saved Europe by Gordon Carrigan. The first is a crime novel starring Parker’s famous wise cracking private eye Spenser. Dated in some ways but a brilliant example of the genre. It frustrates me to see Hollywood make dreary sequel after sequel when there are so many great stories out in the world. The history book is notable only in the dry English humour and the obvious eye for detail that Corrigan brings to a much-studied battle. For example, in describing the Duke of Wellington’s youth the author tells of an incident when he was fined 20 shillings for assaulting a Frenchman in a brothel, then he adds ‘as one would’. Nice.

Check out this Israeli company with a new (believe it or not) take on the internal combustion engine. It looks as if they are on to something. Electric cars and trucks aren’t there yet. Long charge times, limited range in extreme temperatures and high costs continue to be barriers for most consumers. (I am thinking of moving into a hybrid of some kind.) To paraphrase another writer, ‘faster please.’

Started to type out the third novel this week! Not finished it by a long shot but it felt like it was time to get that process, the first edit that is, underway. Here is a tract from the prologue:

When the world falls into shadow Look to the homeland

When the gods are silent Look to the homeland

When the sky rebels and the forest dies Look to the homeland

When men are prey and blood runs in rivers Look to the homeland

When the choice of The Torit is all that remains Look to the homeland

Chan scripture v. 23

Have a great week!

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