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Bikes and Brains

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Falling off your bike is not something I would wish on anyone. Well maybe Idi Amin, or Pol Pot or some anonymous torturer in a prison in Venezuela or Syria. A good helmet is key for the rest of us and I thank the Lord above for mine. Just a light clip on the back tire and down I went, all bets off. Five days later, bruised but not broken, brain intact, bike still in the shop, I am proselytizing for helmet use.

I re-watched Christopher Nolan’s Inception last night. Although there are holes in the premise, I was mesmerized by the film and its sheer creative audacity. Fine acting by a powerhouse cast and you have a great film. Highly recommended, even if you have seen it before. What movies can be, wow.

I am reading Good Omen’s; the book now being presented as a series on Amazon Prime. It is about Armageddon and how an angel and a demon try to stop it and it is hilarious. Very British, I think. The demon is true to character by trying to screw over his bosses and the angel just wants to do something nice. Who can blame him? Its hard to tell who the good guys really are and there are lots of thwarting of wiles. I will finish the novel before I watch the show. Isn’t the book always better though?

I ran into two work friends at Starbucks (still working off my gift cards). It was delightful just to chat and not watch the clock. Summer vacation is turning into retirement and it is pretty, pretty, pretty good so far. And they are lovely people. I will try to do more of that, with them.

This sounds so promising: cold virus used to kill cancer cells. We have close friends so involved in this battle (as do most of us) that anything that gives hope is a ray of sunshine.

A few lines from the next book:

Conor looked at his right hand. He could not remember the last time he had written anything. He had been a fighter, a lawman, a soldier and even a general. He did his business with fists, swords and a handshake at best. But writing? No. Not since his days in the war academy as a young man, composing letters to imaginary kings about how he had won this battle or how he planned to win that one. The memory of the libraries made of white stone seemed impossibly civilized here in the wet cold wilderness.

Have a great week!

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