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Corvettes and Caesar (not the salad)

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

GM has brought a mid engine Corvette to market. Blasphemy say some, about time sat others. They have sold the entire first year of production already, so I think the ‘its time’ brigade has won the day. It is hard not to be impressed by this machine. It is Ferrari fast and manoeuvrable at a top of the line Ford Mustang cost. If I had the disposable income, I would get one. It still has enough Corvette DNA for me.

I am reading a book about the assassination of Julius Caesar. It is a detailed and fascinating account of literally everything about the event, from the reasons for it, the people involved, the clothing he was wearing, the room it took place, to the shape of the daggers that ended his incredible life. Julius Caesar was warned about the Ides of March repeatedly. Soothsayers cautioned him again on the morning of his death. But this author argues it was because of who he was that he walked into the ambush. It was dangerous and he was brave. Careless of his life perhaps, but then again, he had made a career of that in war and politics. It cost him him everything.

Where do people with his sheer ambition live today? What do they strive for? If I was asked the biggest difference in my students from year one to my last, it would be the lack of ambition. Fewer have it. And even if they did, how would they find the time to succeed while they are staring at their phone?

The summer is half done and retirement seems more real than ever. The first pension cheque has been deposited so it is official. Hard to believe that many years have passed, although I am dealing with back spasms as my deliriously fun trail ride last week has come back to bite me literally in the butt. In my old age I have learned how to manage those better and the gym awaits me again today.

I get emails every day telling me how to write faster and market my books better. Take this course, buy this guide, watch this video. Its overwhelming and annoying but I signed up for this and I will start down that road in September. I think.

Off to Bobcaygeon and a farm north of Kingston next week.

Hope you have a good one!

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