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Updated: Jun 11, 2021

I read an article this week that made me laugh. It wasn’t supposed to be funny, but it was to me in an intentionally ironic way. It was written 200 years ago by an Italian philosopher who was trying to answer the question ‘Is it good to seek literary glory?’

‘Glory’ in the context it was used back then literally does not exist today. It had a sense of respect that is lacking. Now its ‘famous’, ‘well known’ or rich. Dan Brown or James Patterson famous and rich. Or JK Rowling, the patron saint of struggling authors because of the number of times her first book was rejected (Over 50! She’s just like us!) celebrity.

The article is in the form of a letter from one writer to another. And the older one is explaining to the younger that it isn’t good, you can’t get it for lots of reasons (who reads these days?) and if you’re smart and your book is too, you absolutely won’t get it (who has the time to read a book twice?). And if by some strange chance you do get it (you copied someone else), because you’re a writer, you’ll hate it. But hey, go for it, listen to your muse. But don’t really.

The supporting arguments to these statements that are quite persuasive. I can’t find fault with any of them. And it is referring to a much smaller literary world than ours is today. I know, fewer customers too, but still.

So, with a laugh in my heart and a smile on my lips I start my third novel and fourth book. I know the dozens of readers who bought Almost a Myth will flock to these ones. Kind of takes the pressure off knowing that. Patience dear fans, the last two are almost ready.

Reading Game of Thrones still. Again.

Just watched The Ballad of Buster Scruggs on Netflix.

The Coen brothers are at it again. High quality bleak, this time in the American western. I guess a lot of people died in the Shakespearean plays. And in Greek tragedy. But jeez.

I wrote this passage a few weeks back. It is either really good or just bad. You decide.

It was the kind of dark that falls in a city with no law. The innocent cower and the rich pretend not to be afraid, behind their high walls and armed guards. The rest? They use the shadows as instruments, tools to scrape out a living the light of day denies them.

Have a great week!

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