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Wild Cards

Reading one of the Wild Card ( books by George RR Martin. Very good. Creative smart and violent science fiction written in the 1980’s. Is there anything this guy can’t do?

Started writing the third book of the Conor and Gray series. Just diddling with formats and pdf conversions with the other two now so I thought, what the hell? I have 7 pages.

Can security cameras detect crime before it happens? Check this out:

Can’t workout until the concussion symptoms abate. Feeling better but still semi human as a result.

Got a very complimentary email from the Athletic Director of De La Salle after I wished them good luck in the state finals they play in tomorrow. Made me think a little bit about what we do. I thought our game in September was a debacle, but they admired our grit and togetherness. I’ll buy the second one. We did not turn on each other, that’s for sure. And that is a lesson in teamwork that must be sinking in.

New book cover that Amy and I came up with.

A little writing on this cold Friday morning.

Music used to be different in Dece. Nowhere else in the known world could you hear music like this. It soared, it lifted, it twisted and pulled apart the mind like a hurricane wind. It was an audible drug that startled and staggered those who heard it. It was like the finest wine, the fiercest spice, the most carefully aged spirits, the sweetest candy and yet much more. The creators of this powerful experience, discovered as children, were taken away from their homes and then cloistered away in hidden and remote schools to spend half a lifetime learning the instruments to create the sounds, and the art of writing the notes that put men in their thrall. Their parents were paid handsomely, and most were proud to hand them over.

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