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Winter is coming

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

It snowed this week, and stayed. Pretty early even for us. Got to be global warming. Of course, my mind eventually went to the phrase ‘winter is coming’, and I started reading and watching Game of Thrones again. Can I say ‘Wow’? I mean the creative force needed to write those books. Unique and interesting characters, intricate plots and the names even! Jon Snow. Corin Halfhand. The Imp. Impressive.

And the show is almost as good. I used to think it was better, but on my second time through the fifth book I changed my mind. My younger brother Matt convinced me to think again. I will say that when I read the books for the first time many years ago, I told anyone who would listen that they were an incredible feat and would be an absolutely awesome television show. And look what came to pass. I am a fanboy and I am so looking forward to the end game in April of next year.

Still working to get the books out before Christmas. I have hired a freelancer from South Africa to handle Amazon and my daughter Amy to help with the Instagram and Facebook ads. And cover design issues. Going to get a headshot done, which I am profoundly uncomfortable doing. Feels a little like doing the distance MBA ten years ago. Lots of time alone in front of a screen. Confused.

Professional development day today. For educators this is a day when people get paid to tell you that you are not doing it right, marking it right, or feeling how you should about all kinds of things. I think age has an effect on how open to these lectures you can be. Just saying.

Not listening to much these days. Trying to stay off social media to get more work done, and just in principle. And I had a big setback on the concussion a couple of weeks ago. Back to the doctor. Kind of depressing.

A paragraph from one of the new books:

Viglis slapped the sword aside, kneed the man hard in the groin and then again in the face when the man doubled over reflexively. His head rocked back with the force of the blow and he fell, flat out on his back. The sword clattered to the ground. The bleeding man moaned and tried to get his hands to his face and his balls at the same time. The rest of the man stood with open mouths. The viciousness and speed of Viglis’ attack stunned them. They started to recover and move towards him when Viglis, standing over the writhing man on the ground said loudly,

“He deserved it and you know it. This isn’t Dece. I’m a paid lawman and if you touch me my unit will be here in force within the hour. Do you think Tlanias wants a brawl just because this guy acted like a prick?”

Have a great week!

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