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What to do Next?

Its dark and cold and raining like stink. Has been all day. Got very wet at football practice, despite my attempts at layering. When I went to buy the trainer’s tape we use on the players’ various ankle and wrist injuries, I found the money in my wallet was soaking wet, just like the rest of me. Luckily a significant percentage of Canadian paper currency is plastic. No permanent damage.

Playoff game tomorrow night. Hopefully the rain will cease by then. We are banged up, but the other team is good but not great, so we’ll see.

I have finished two books, had them edited and am now in the process of getting them formatted and ready for publication. I will be sending all of you on this mailing list a free ebook of short stories titled, ‘The Fire’: Tales of The Southlands’ before the big day. The stories are set in the world of ‘Almost a Myth’ and will hopefully provide some depth to the people and places found in that novel. The other book is the second novel of the Adventures of Conor and Gray. It is titled ‘Slaughter by Strange Means’. Not sure if I hate or love the title but I think it works for the story. It is a direct continuation of ‘Almost a Myth’.

What to do next? I have 40 pages of a science fiction novel I began last year that I think I like, and I have begun book three of Conor and Gray. I have also started writing poetry (as you know) and I have grown a pencil mustache and started to wear a beret, a black turtleneck and stovepipe black jeans. Yes, this is still my vision of what poets look like. Football should be done soon and so more time beckons.

I read a James Patterson novel this week. Double Cross. Police psychologist versus two serial killers. Very fast paced and interesting but strangely stilted at times as well. He is a writing machine so that may be the reason. There are 170 books in the London Public Library with that name as author or co-author. Wow. Formulaic but not.

Now reading another Guy Gavriel Kay novel, ‘Children of Earth and Sky’ and trying not to get so intimidated by how good it is that I stop writing altogether.

In a ‘not listening to music at all’ phase right now. I’m getting more of those as I get older.

Weird not to have a big Marvel, DC or Star Wars movie coming out this Christmas. We are movie people as a family, so we look forward to an outing like that. Whether we think the movie is good or bad. Going to miss that.

How do you like the cover? Have a great week!

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