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Room with a View

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Lots of reading and writing this week. Most of the writing is the ‘get your book ready for publication’ kind. The blurb, a one or two paragraph summary of the novel which goes on the back cover and doesn’t give too much away (very hard). Here it is:

One man’s journey

One world’s fate

Conor led the army that won the war against the Bonded. Prophecies seemed fulfilled and peace at hand. Yet the conflict brought hungry empires and forces far worse than those of men into the southlands. And victory had not prevented Conor from being imprisoned and his homeland ravaged and occupied. Alone and grieving, Conor faces new threats and the emergence of an ancient enemy as he fights his way across a chaotic landscape to find his friend and ally, the Hound Gray.

Linked together since their youth by mind and mission, Conor and Gray must seek to save their home and their world.

Let me know what you think.

A short author bio (embarrassing somehow and also difficult). And finally, emails to formatters, cover designers and publishers (irritating at worst). These take most of the time reserved for creativity. I did try to work on a short story at a Starbucks on Tuesday night. It was a relief.

Hope the books will be out before Christmas. That’s the plan anyway.

Reading Room with a View by EM Forster Early twentieth century comedy of manners. And depth of feeling. The film is brilliant as well. Intensely romantic. Dame Maggie Smith as Charlotte Bartlett is priceless.

Football season is winding down. Its four seasons in one day in southwestern Ontario. Rain, snow, wind and sunshine make for difficult practices and games. But we embrace it and tell the boys it makes them special that they accept and rise above it. Which it does.

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