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The Woolly Mammoth

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Here’s an article with some advice I wish I had when I was younger. It feels at times these perspectives are so ingrained that even being aware of them doesn’t matter much. But this is a fascinating explanation of the evolutionary imperatives behind our need for approval from others, even from people we barely know. In a nutshell, it used to make sense, but now it doesn’t. A liberating thought. No need to feed the woolly mammoth anymore.

Trying to design a cover for a book of short stories which I will release initially as an e-book. I like what my daughter and I have done, but I wonder if its recognizably not professional. I’ll post it when we decide which one we will use. Another interesting topic, design of that type. Although I must say, I believe a lot of fiction book covers today are very, busy. We are not leaning that way.

Is there a better historical fiction writer than Patrick O’Brian? And Master and Commander the movie was one of the best historical dramas of the last twenty years. There are twenty novels and they are all treasures. Listening to one again and marveling at the style, historical knowledge and vivid personality. Highly recommended.

A poem I wrote last week:

Fall breaks one still cool morning

Blazing eyes through copper glass

See wide fields of corn in fading green

The wind brushes the skin so light

Her face shines in the pale sun

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