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Writers again.

Summer is the time for reading more than any other. I have six books on my bedside table. I have some authors I would like to recommend.

One, Guy Gavriel Kay is a Canadian fantasy writer whose books are literate, romantic, lyrical and eerily historical. He does a lot of research I have read, so his invented civilizations are an uncanny echo of ours. The Lions of Al Assam and A Song of Arbonne are both fascinating and rewarding reads.

Two, Pierce Brown, an American writer of what I guess you would call science fiction but its more than that. Space opera with human characters of remarkable depth. His Red Rising books are monumental works. The most recent, Iron Gold, is the best one yet and that is saying something. (These books are going to be made into movies and I hope they don’t screw them up.)

Third, Joe Abercrombie. Tough, gritty, funny and epic. His First Law novels are all of these and more. Enjoy his writing so much and his world building is impressive.

As an aspiring author is it easy to get intimidated by these people. They are so good at it. And they sell so many books. These are not always in sync, being successful and a good writer. All us mortals can do is plug away I guess. Speaking of that, the second novel is back at the editors. There were a lot of changes to be made. Mostly contextual and setting based but I added some depth to some of the characters I hope. It felt like letting go of a child when I pressed send. Onward to other things: Including more poetry, this time based on the world I have created in the first two of my novels:

Death is the silent home

Hunger brings the Other there

Our souls he will drink like blood

Sharp, the sword and the teeth that defend us

Hard, the shield and bone

Strong, the hearts of the Lord and the Hound

For the path they must walk, alone.

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