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Baseball, brothers and moving pictures.

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

I'm coaching high school baseball at the moment. A short intense season and playoffs. We usually have a lot of pretty good players where I teach and coach in west London. This year however, we have struggled with pitching. And let me tell you, if you can't pitch, or hold guys on, you can't play. Our talent just watches guys walk and then steal two bases. They stand around for so long that our fielding percentage goes down and then they try too hard when we get to the plate. Very frustrating because I can't really teach in a month and I'm used to better. We did win two today and did everything well. Maybe we are now on a roll. I asked my older brother to read my first draft of my second novel before I sent it for a professional edit. And he savaged it. Which was disappointing on two fronts. One, he's my brother. Two, he's not really qualified to do that. I mean he's not employed in a literary field in any form. However, I do realize that whenever you give something you have created to someone and ask their opinion you have to be ready for anything. Its part of what makes creating so exhilarating and nerve wracking. Still, in my opinion, he had a chance not to be a dick and he didn't take it. By the way, the professional editor has sent me his first set of remarks. He liked it. Lots of work to do, but he liked it. It was very encouraging. My social media consultant (my daughter) continues to encourage e to use video on Instagram and Facebook. (Check out my website for the links.) Its disconcerting to make video of yourself. I have done it a couple of times and she likes it but i don't. As a compromise I think that I will read some of my work and put it up this weekend. Better than trying to be spontaneous perhaps.

I am having one of those weeks when I wake at 3:30 am for no reason.

I am still struggling with post concussion syndrome two years later.

I am so ready for a long weekend.

I am looking forward to running my own life.

I am a lucky guy.

Here's an article on 3D printing which is so cool:

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