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Getting Better

Did you know that humans aren't kinder, gentler and more generous when they are younger? (As in, children.) The idea that an unspoiled human nature is the best one and is waiting underneath the crust of civilization and our societal prejudices is unsupported by the science of psychology, psychiatry and child development. That is interesting. From a coaching and teaching perspective it has been my experience that the ideals of teamwork, effort, discipline and self sacrifice usually have to be taught. Again and again and again. They don't always bring it to the table. A trenchant lesson in a society dominated by social media and its obsession with the self. That being said the young men I am working with this off season are an outstanding group. I just love being around these guys. They are fun and hard working and they seem to care about each other. They are living proof that teenage boys can flourish in the right environment. God bless their parents for helping them and supporting what we do. Hannibal and Me is a book along these lines (for the over 20's) about how to deal with success and failure and maybe more importantly, how to define those things for yourself. Highly recommended. Who could want to beat the crap out of this beauty off road? (I have the 2016 and I love it.)

And here's a paragraph from a short story titled "She" She sipped the bitter tea made from the roots of the weeds in the garden. It was hot and left her feeling hazy and serene. This was when she remembered the others’ children. The Bonded rejected them. Even if they were their own. She did not know why. And the children were hungry. She fed them. But they kept coming and she had to live as well. And something in her heart had hardened to them. He had done it, she knew. One morning she had used her mate’s walking stick on them. The older ones fought but they were weak, and she was bigger and just as desperate. She buried the ones she killed. The others moved on for the most part. They robbed her at night, those who had stayed around. She figured the rest went to the castle or down the road after their parents.

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