• PF Legge

Friday Afternoon

I am sitting in an indoor soccer facility waiting for a four o'clock touch football game. I coach some kids from the high school team where I work. We run our passing offense and defense, try to learn the fundamentals and have some fun. I am part of the 'every sport is year round now' environment I guess. We also work out together on Tuesday nights. Great group this year. So proud of what they are accomplishing and how they are helping each other.

I am trying to make some life style changes, of various kinds. I am finding it very difficult and realizing again that I have found myself in some deeply seated routines. Most are innocuous, some are not. Change is inevitable but preparing and then living through it is tough.

Five things I have learned:

Change is hard.

Sunshine is more important than we think.

Young men need role models, affirmation and encouragement.

Young men need rules and expectations.

Pierce Brown is a very good writer. Look him up if you like science fiction or fantasy or just accomplished writing.

Here is a piece of writing I am doing now.

Conor walked through the house several times. No blood. No weapons. No bruises or cuts on the woman’s body. Maybe she just died. It happened. But it didn’t seem likely. Something had been done in the house, to this woman. That was going to be the starting point. But this was going to be a bitch of a puzzle. Not enough pieces here. He sat in a kitchen chair and thought, but nothing came.

Spacex is planning to go to Mars. I mean really planning. Very cool.




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