• PF Legge

Getting Close

Finishing up the nuts and bolts of self publishing the first novel. I had to pick seven words to describe Almost a Myth to the search engines. Over 100,000 of them and I have to pick seven that are part of a list that is provided to authors. One of them is not in the book at all. Magic. Not sure but I'm learning about the biz. I under priced it as well according to my publisher. But I am less optimistic than her regarding the number of books I will sell so it may not matter. Around ten bucks Canadian for a paper back seems appropriate to me. We'll see I guess. Very nervous about the whole process. Believing in what you have written is new. I have written so much that very few people have read that the idea of putting it out there is intimidating. Yet I even had business cards made up. Some website suggested it and I thought, hell yeah. They look cool. Minimalist. PFLegge, Author.

I do like the sound of that.

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