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Order, disorder and Shazam

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Spring is in the air. A familiar phrase but one that felt, this morning anyway, to be accurate when I poked my head out of our front door and retrieved the newspaper. Beautiful and fresh but not cold. (Yes, we still get a daily newspaper.)

The school baseball team is into tryouts but I’m just supervising this year. I have two good parent reps and I am trying to lighten my schedule to take the pressure off my damaged brain. It seems to be working. Pitching is going to be our Achille’s Heel this season, I think. Good kids though, as usual.

Came across an interesting article this week. The idea of preserving the brain after bodily death or transplanting it just before is a staple in science fiction. And horror movies. But apparently scientists were successful in reviving parts of several pig brains hours after death. Several hours. They were, according to the article, careful not to try too hard. No attempt was made to create consciousness and after the measurements were made to the reanimated brains, they were destroyed. But it read as if the experiment conducted by American researchers indicated that more was possible. How much more is still unknown and ethical constraints, which are real in the Western world for the most part, prevented further exploration. How much longer that will last is anyone’s guess. And in a hundred years or so? What will we be able to do?

Another article that caught my attention was more philosophical, although it was written by a scientist. It was about the need for order and disorder in our universe and for life to exist and hopefully progress. And that we humans want and need both. Strange for me to read as this paradox lies at the heart of my second novel and the dilemmas the characters face will echo this contradiction.

Saw Shazam tonight. A very nice movie that dragged at the end. Did not mind spending the money at all which is perhaps the best indicator of whether you like a movie or not.

Have a great week!

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