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Updated: Jun 11, 2021

I have started writing the next and third book in the Conor and Gray series a little more seriously. It has been difficult to change my mindset and move the story forward. Most of the focus of the last couple of months has been on getting the second one. ‘Slaughter by Strange Means’ and ‘The Fire’ book of short stories published with the correct numbering and pricing. Actually, ‘Almost a Myth’ the first book I wrote more than two years ago, has really been emphasized. My Amazon expert says that the first in a series is the most important. Not exactly rocket science I know but there had to be a second book for this to be the case and there wasn’t one until a few months ago. Now ‘Almost a Myth’ is up to #5 on one of the Amazon lists. As a free giveaway, but still I am shocked and pleased.

Read a book titled ‘FlashForward’ this week. Another Robert Sawyer novel. This one was, wow. So much physics and romance in one place. What would you do if you saw two minutes of your life twenty years from now? And, would you change to prevent it? Could you? I was so intrigued by this plot that I delved into some research on alternate timelines and the physics of the possibility of other universes like our own. Did you know that the universe is almost infinite and that the number of ways that matter can be organized is finite? So, there is (or was, or will be) someone exactly like you, doing exactly what you are doing somewhere out there? And somebody else like you in every way, doing something slightly different? Never mind the quantum mechanics explanation of alternate universes where each choice we make spins off a different universe from one where we made a different choice. It boggles the mind. It is inspiring to me as a writer though. The book was so, ambitious. And some of you may remember, it got made into a short-lived television series.

Still sick as this one is hanging on like a lamprey on a lake trout. Lots of people ill at work as well. Anyone else try vitamin C overload? A desperate maneuver but I’m grasping at straws now.

Mars Opportunity Rover has finally died. RIP the mighty little machine that could.

We are going back to Detroit in the fall as De La Salle Pilots have invited us for a third go round. And they sweetened the pot this time. They will pay all of our costs. It’s a love in between the programs. Our kids are naïve and enthusiastic enough to be excited to go and get pounded again. Love those guys man. And the coaches at De La Salle admire how our kids won’t quit and don’t turn on each other. Awesome.

Have a great week!

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