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Time Travel and Electric Shocks

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Back again, after an approximately one month layoff. Happy New Year and all that. I have been struggling with production and publishing issues. But, apart from an inability to get my book of short stories (The Fire: Tales from the Southlands) on the digital premiere list of Smashwords ( a book distribution network that includes iBooks, Barnes and Noble and Nook) the problems seemed to have been solved.

It has been a hassle, for lack of a better word. Self-publishing is eminently possible but much harder than it looks. There are so many little things that need to be done properly. Especially if you want to keep some form of independence and sell on your own website as well as Amazon. But the books are there and onward and upward. If you email me, I will send you The Fire as a digital file, just for being on the mailing list. Some of my best writing if you don’t mind me saying.

Read two good books in January so far. ‘The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O’ by Neal Stephenson and somebody else (Nicole Galland.) This book was a good read. First time I had read a co-authored book. Not really sure about that I must say. The novel involves time travel and witches and bureaucracy and a halting love story. Creative as hell but it had some holes. I mean, who travels back in time and doesn’t try to find out if Jesus rose from the dead or what exactly happened to JFK? Still, recommended.

The second book was the ‘War Dogs Trilogy’ by Greg Bear. High science fiction, plot twists galore and moral ambiguity with a ‘grunt who did an MFA’ style. I think this might be a great book.

I am on a reduced work schedule as a result of chronic post-concussion issues ie, forgetfulness and headaches. More down time than I am used to and fewer hour on screens are helping. I am also spending some time playing solitaire with actual cards and I am learning, patience. I suspect my trigger is a little quicker as a result of the brain injury and it helps to be forced to slow down and think.

This is fascinating. Electric shock treatments for PTSD show great promise. Who knew?

Have a great week and buy the new book!

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