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Male Communication

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

We went to the Honda Indy race last weekend and we took the train. On the way there a wheel chair bound passenger got into some difficulty. A number of the passengers went back to help. I turned to look and made eye contact with an older gentleman who was closer to the situation. I raised an eyebrow and with the slightest of nods I understood that I should go back and help. That I could do things that she needed that those around her couldn't. Male communication. I went and helped, but only a little. The Via staff were great and there were a couple of nurses in the rail car with us and they stepped right up. And when it was time to get her back in her chair, I was summoned again, without a word being said. Just a look. Sometimes men can do that. Do what is needed and what one can do, no more and no less.

Race was great. Food trucks, cold beer, hot sun, frighteningly fast cars and lots of people to look at. A very diverse crowd the race crowd, I can say that.

This food truck though...awesome.

Some prose:

Viglis went outside and told one of the two men waiting for orders to go get the healer. The man saluted and trotted off. The other policemen went the other way, back on walking patrol. Down the street Achi’s escort was trying not to get covered in tears and snot. Viglis was suddenly alone. With the body of the young woman. He decided to sit on the bench outside the house while he waited. As he sat in the sun Viglis went over his next steps. He needed to find out where the dead woman was supposed to be. And who she was supposed to be with. And where those people were if they weren't around. And if she hadn't been there, where had she been. Something had gone very wrong and he needed to know what was right in order to find out exactly who did the wrong. He also knew with depressing finality that if none of these people had strayed from their regular paths, the death of this young woman might go forever unsolved. He had seen enough of these incidents in his role as a policeman. If there was no family friend or acquaintance who leapt to the front of the investigation pretty quickly, it probably wasn't going anywhere.

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