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The sky that fell on a frozen world had lifted. The three wars have ended. What will rise from the ruins?

Viglis and his partner Wallinisa leave the safety of service in a castle to look for work in Dece, best known before the wars for fights, bars and gambling houses. Viglis wants to bring about a more just order. Wallinisa needs to find inspiration to create beauty in a scarred world.

Others have found their way to Dece as well. Tlanias, a cunning and vicious criminal patron, Red, like other Bonded soldier fanatics left mute and half dead by defeat. Thousands of others search for a way to live in a lawless city.

Hope, fear, and ambition collide in an exciting and insightful new epic fantasy.


What if the old tales about what happens after death are true? Would a gun that could think let us pull the trigger whenever we wanted? What would you do if you saw something huge in a river that shouldn’t be there? And it saw you? What if aliens came, turned the power off for a week and then went, without even bothering to talk to us? What if someone got really good at making huge, genetically engineered soldiers? What if an emergent AI went insane and corrupted our digital world?


Conor is a law keeper, fighter and warrior. Gray is his Hound. Linked together by a bond of mind and mission, they walk together through a world of political weakness and religious terror.

Conor led the army that won the war against the bonded. Prophecies seemed fulfilled and peace at hand. Yet the conflict brought hungry empires and forces far worse than those of men into the southlands. 

Conor and Gray, a man and a wolf bear linked together by mind and mission, search the southlands for others willing to fight.  It seems as if the Believer, whom Conor had defeated, has returned as the Other, the Traitor, the eternal enemy of all order and life. 

Conor, with Gray by his side, must convince the Eliton and the Chan to make peace and fight together. But  Conor is slowly losing his humanity, becoming an all powerful brutal weapon in a never ending war, an implacable bringer of violence and death.

 And looming over everything they do is the grim prophecy that Gray will cover the world in darkness rather than let the Traitor prevail. And there are no stories about what happens in the dark that comes with defeat. 


The final chapter of the adventures of Conor and Gray. 

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A carefully crafted selection of short stories based in the same world as the realistic and gritty fantasy novels 'Almost a Myth,' and 'Slaughter by Strange Means.' A soldier running from a burning city, a woman dreaming of a peaceful life past, a warrior on a deadly mission, a lawman investigating a murder with no killer; all these unique tales are set in a familiar yet distant world in turmoil.


Try and Other Stories is a collection of science fiction and fantasy short stories set on strange and different worlds.   Yet the  humanity of the characters and their thoughts, hopes and dreams remains the focus:

An ineffective soldier in a world completely deprived of technology by alien tourists who want to hunt their exotic prey without interruption.  A street dealer squeezed between powerful drug lords and a surveillance state.   Two brothers squabbling while the threat of total destruction of life on earth approaches. 

Written in clean, clear prose these short stories are grounded in our reality, while encouraging the reader to imagine themselves elsewhere. 


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PF Legge is a father, grandfather ex-teacher, and coach. He was born in Toronto and has lived his entire life in southwestern Ontario.  
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